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campaign stop violence faites aux femmes Elsa Stern

Campaign Stop Violence Against Women

Design of a 360° communication campaign to fight against feminicide in France

Objective : encourage victims and witnesses of violence to act by sharing with them the support tools put in place by the French government.

Tone of voice : hope

*Sara, 32 y/o, reborn 6 months ago.
This year, like Sara, more than 15 000 women have taken action against domestic violence, with the phone number 3919.

You can take action too.
Victim or witness of domestic violence? Call 3919, a toll-free number, 100% anonymous;
Make an online report on our website arretonslesviolences.gouv.fr;
Call 17 / text 114 to notify the police in case of emergency.

Campaign Stop Violence

Campagne stop violences femincides ElsaStern
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