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ma médical box, your digital health record app

Design of ma médical box app, which includes all our health data in one place.

Objective: reate a tool to allow you to have access to your health record everywhere, all the time.



people interviewed, from 18 to 80 y/o.


believe that being healthy is what matters most.


are interested in a digital solution centralizing their health information.

Health-related data that respondants want to always carry with them:

blood type in health record app
allergies in health record app
vaccinations, treatments, medical history

Additional tools they would like to find in the digital health record platform:

map in the app
feature of health record app
a synchronized calendar
User Persona
user persona medical box

Juliette R.

Juliette is 27 years old and lives in Paris. She has been living abroad for 5 years.

Her family doctor retired during her absence and her incomplete health record remained with her parents.

She is looking for an easy way to complete her medical file and have access to it whenever she wants.




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